Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This WASN'T the plan.....

So many items on my list for today (since I couldn't work due to a wrecked car). Still loads to get for the trip and then - I have to break in those walking boots! And what was the day spent on? On the LUAS and the bus, back and forth between the Skoda garage in Kylemore Road and the airport, to get my bloody drivers licence back out of my wreck and then rent a car...., hours wasted. At least I eventually made it to the Theatre Forum meeting, albeit an hour late. Thank God the talented people there didn't finish in time but went on discussing the state of the theatre for much longer than planned.
Okay, Thursday methinks is a good day to to a lot of the necessary stuff - and in my walking boots! No excuses ;))
Note to self: write that list in your head down on paper! You'll forget stuff!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook - can you hear me?!

No luck so far......
Okay, here we go. Since I have a couple of minutes before heading off to get a rent-a-car (since my lovely car has dropped its motor to the floor) I'll try if I can send the blog over to facebook. This is all very exciting. Only two more weeks to go before I head off, and still so much to do! Now, will this work and show up on Facebook????