Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ghosts in Pamplona??!

Okay, now, I don´t really believe in these things, though..... I´m open to everything. I´ve never seen, heard or experienced a ghost, I think that ghost hunting program on telly is just a heap of ...., but I wouldn´t totally dismiss everything straight away. Well, this is what happened: the little room in Pamplona was cold. That in itself isn´t very interesting, but it was warmer outside. I tried to switch on the heating, especially since I´d washed my clothes and wanted them dry for the morning, but the heating wouldn´t come on. When it was time for bed I curled up in my sleeping bag and started rubbing my legs and feet to warm them up. I closed the collar and the hood of the bag and eventually I fell asleep. At 10 minutes to midnight an almighty banging woke me. It sounded as if someone was hammering nails into my door. I got quite a fright. Why the frack hadn´t I put my pepper spray on the bedside table?! The banging continued, at irregular intervals. Sometimes I thought it was coming from the door, then from behind the wardrobe. What was going on? Were people having sex and their headboards of the bed was banging against the wall? It was freezing now, and I mean seriously freezing. I switched on the light, grabbed my knife, opened it and put it at the ready beside the bed - any intruder would meet a dangerous woman, and I wouldn´t let any ghost mess with me either! The banging continued, but now it came from a different part of the house altogether. This totally freaked me out and I decided that should this be otherworldly, I didn´t want to know and it could go on without me. I pressed my earplugs deeper into my ears and decended fully into my sleeping bag, closing the collar and the hood totally above me, with just a little breathing hole left. At 5am I woke up again. I was lying on my back and wasn´t quite sure what woke me. Then - yea, well I know, it sounds totally stupid and made up - suddenly the matress under me lifted and expanded under me with a ffffftt-sound, just as if someone had gotten up out of the bed. I totally froze. This was the craziest thing EVER. I hadn´t waited for this, I didn´t welcome it, I don´t believe in it. But there it was. Something got up from my bed. Shortly after the room got warmer and eventually I fell asleep again. When I checked out, the old senora cocked her head to the side and asked me with a wry smile "Did you sleep okay?" I said ´yes, I did´. She looked at me as one would look at a lab rat and slowly nooded her head. Needless to say that if I´m ever again in Pamplona, I WON´T stay there. So now, make up your own mind. I felt pretty disturbed afterwards........


  1. Hallo, Du Tochter einer Prinzessin und eines Indianerhäuptlings, Deine Phantasie möge Dir nie ausgehen, Dich aber auch nie ängstigen. Diese stöhnenden, blubbernden und klopfenden Heizungen in alten Häusern haben es schon in sich!!!Aber warum in aller Welt läßt Du alle wissen, dass einer aus Deinem Bett gestiegen ist? Deine Berichte sind toll, danke. Alles Gute.In Liebe Mama

  2. OMG you're making me scared Aenne! I don't know how you managed to suurvive that.
    Enjoy reading your posts! M

  3. This for my mother: Heizung??? Was fuer eine Heizung? Die funktionierte doch nicht :( Es war doch sooooooooo kalt! Und der/die/das aus meinem Bett stieg, hatte ich doch garnicht eingeladen. ;) Freue mich, dass Dir meine Stories gefallen!
    Alles Liebe zurueck!

    To Marketa: Cheers! Thanks for following my blog! I don´t know how I survived that myself, but I can only suggest to everyone in such a situation: bury yourself in your sleeping bag and push the earplugs in as far as you can! And PRETEND not to notice anything! ;)