Thursday, May 13, 2010

Torres Del Rio - another mountain behind me:)))

Arrived in Torres del Rio today - 21km, yay! Only did 9.5 yesterday, but that was defifnitely enough for me, lame as I am. The stupid blister is healing well though, which is cool as already people can´t go on any more because their feet are ruined! I´d say a lot of those "racers" might regret their speed at some stage. There is nothing but your feet to carry you, so one better take good care of them.... Today a girl had to stop her camino because she got sick, as in the flu or something. She felt really miserable, had pains all over and probably fever as well, not good at all. My way yesterday was quite beautiful when it comes to the countryside (across little olive woods and ´norma´woods as well, with massive mountains in the distance - and the mountain I had to climb right ahead of me, but for some reason the backpack felt like it was carved out of marble. I pretty much dragged myself up that mountain, past a moorish well from the middle ages and through wine fields, so glad when I eventually reached the mountain village Villamajor de Monjardin. The albergue was right at the very top, in an ancient house of stone, with small rooms with massive wooden beams on the low ceilings. It was quite special I have to say, a real family athmosphere. Even the breakfast this morning at 7am didn´t feel as early and I was on the road much earlier than normally The walk to here (Torres del Rio) was like a motorway for pilgrims: easy, broad, more or less straight and always slightly downhill. It rained, which suits me fine, my arms are still burned - and so I didn´t even sweat at all during the march. Nothing to note when it comes to countryside, a bit boring actually. That reminds me: there were actually two really interesting bits on my way from Puente La Reina to Estella: the one thing was that a good bit of the way was an old roman(!) road, complete with half caved in roman bridge! I walked on that road for at least 45min. Can you imagine how many people walked there before me?! The other thing was, when I stopped along a the path between a wheat field and some bushes to correct my hip belt once again, I heard the "clack-clack" of walking sticks. Other walkers often creep up suddenly behind me, so I looked around - and there was no-one there. The walking stick noise continued and I realised that it came out of the bush. Then it changed to a bird song before turning into the walking stick noise again. Whatever bird lived in that bush, it was certainly very talented!! :)) Another 21km to Logrono tomorrow, until then!


  1. Hi Aenne, Your write very well, It must be so hard after a gruelling 20km trek to sit down and write a blog entry. You will hardly believe this but since Christmas I have read Hemmingway's 'For whom the bell tolls' and 'The Battle for Spain' so your blog actually draws me deeper into the whole Spain countryside. Well done look forward to reading more. I hope your feet hold up.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment! Do I know you by the way? "Sceenconstruction" doesn´t ring a bell :)

  3. Hi Aenne, I did try and leave the comment in my own name, but as I set up my blog originally from a work perspective. I could not find a way to do it. I did a new post about National Famine Memorial Day which might interest you. Keep up the writing. Now lets see what happens this time. Tom Dowling