Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roncesvalles - finally internet!

I crossed the Pyrenees to Spain!! In DEEP snow!! First it was lashing rain, then it started to snow, and finally I was fighting my way through deep snow in a snowstorm. Whenever I hit a normal road I saw cars sliding backwards, emergency vehicles helping out, a caravan blocking the road etc., etc. Me and my fellow pilgrims were walking for hours uphill, uphill....., so glad I have the most brilliant pilgrim´s walking stick ever! Taller than me it pushed me up, up until I hit the highest point. Nothing there but more snow and thick fog. I could make out a small church in the clouds and thought that, maybe, finally, I could put my backpack down and eat that banana I´d been dreaming off for the last two hours - but it was closed, hm. Anyways, the abbey of Roncesvalles couldn´t be too far off now and, boy, was I happy when those massive stone buildings came into sight! My hands were freezing at this point, not too bad considering there were people who didn´t bring gloves at all. Mine are mainly against windchill, with extra thinny gloves for more warmth, which were in the bagpack and I couldn´t get to them. It´s not that I´m too stupid to put down the thing, open it & take things out, it´s just that I (like everybody else) was wearing multiple layers, topped off with a big rain poncho. To take that off would´ve meant to stand umprotected in - first: the lashing rain, and then the snowstorm. To put the poncho over oneself and the rucksack is quite tricky too and also, where to sit?? Rivers poured down that mountain - and from my broad rimmed hat whenever I tilted my head. Later it had a thick layer of snow on the rim, which I discovered in the pilgrim´s albergue after taking it off. I´m now in a huge, gothic looking hall, thick stone walls with small slits for windows and impressive, massive round iron chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Hot air is blown up from under the - in my estimation - over a hundred bunk beds, which is such a blessing. Strung up my washing line and am drying clothes, after a lovely sleep (with earplugs) and a hot shower. The more pilgrims arrive the more sweaty the aroma in the hall, but soon it´s 7pm and that means: pilgrims dinner! Can´t wait, absolutely starving! Outside ist everything in deep white and the abbey with it´s church looks quite magical. What a day! Wonder what tomorrow brings ;)


  1. Hello Pilgrim!

    Up, up and away.
    Sounds like an endurance test that was worth it just for the experience.
    Castles in the sky? Yes please!


  2. Liebe Aenne, nun probiere ich es noch einmal.
    Du bist schneller am Ziel als ich dir schreiben kann :)Ich bewundere dich sehr! Welch ein Unternehmen. Geister wären nichts für mich.
    Ich denke viel an dich undwünsche dir viel Glück!
    Wenn du Fotos hast (von den Gespenstern) würde ich mir die Bilder gerne mal ansehen!
    Viele liebe Grüsse, Romana

  3. Hallo Romana,
    Toll, dass Du mein Abenteuer mitverfolgst! Ich hoffe, bald mal Bilder einstellen zu koennen - nicht von Geistern (hihihi), aber vielleicht vom Schnee in Pyreneen und von anderen Orten.
    Alles Liebe!